This was a partnership between me and the organization of the race “Resistencia TT S. Pedro” that takes place every year in Serra das Alhadas, Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

My work consists in developing an website for publishing information.

it also required the development of an user and administration area

  • Resistência TT S. Pedro_dash
  • Resistência TT S. Pedro_newsignup
  • Resistência TT S. Pedro_event

The development of the chrono app is still under update due to the recent changes of the API, that will allow said app not only to send real time telemetry for the pilots team but also for the audience, it will also publish the data onto the website (public) and the user area after results validation by the chrono team.

Check out the public webiste and the user area

Both websites and the API are running on my own server hosted by Contabo GmbH