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This is a simple version of a TextField for SwiftUI it's objective is to create an expanding TextField within SwiftUI.

SwiftUI 2 (iOS 14) has a TextEditor but still missing some features.


Currently it's only possible to install through Xcode's SPM

Using Xcode

  • File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Dependency...
  • Search for
  • Choose the version that you want


The usages is fairly simple, check the steps and comments in the following code

import SwiftUI
// 1. Import the library
import SwiftUIMultiTextField

struct ContentView: View {

    // 2. Add an observed object that will observe the text field size
    @ObservedObject var obj: ObservedMultiTextField = ObservedMultiTextField()

    @State var text: String = ""

    var body: some View {
        // 3. Include the element (more about the parameters below)
        MultiTextField(text: $text,
                       placeholder: "Some Placeholder",
                       maxSize: 120,
            .frame(height: obj.size) // 4. Set the text field height from the object
            .environmentObject(obj)  // 5. Pass the observable object in step 2


If for some reason the MultiTextField does not appear on step 2 initialize with a custom size (recommend 36)

@ObservedObject var obj: ObservedMultiTextField = ObservedMultiTextField(size: 36)


All fields except text are optional

Parameter Type Description Default Optional
text Binding<String> Variable that will store the text No
placeholder String Placeholder string "" Yes
maxSize CGFloat Max size of the TextField set -1 for unlimited -1 Yes
textColor UIColor Text color (not the placeholder) .black Yes