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WHMCS API C# Wrapper

This is an library to comunicate with the WHMCS API
Currently these functions are already implemented


How to install
NuGet Packet Manager Console on VisualStudio Install-Package WHMCS_API
Releases project page (need to also download Newtonsoft.Json if not already included on your project)

The implemented functions are designed to be very easy to use The following code demonstrates to to implement the GetClientDetails on an MVC app
More information on the project Wiki Getting Started

using WHMCS_API;
namespace YOUR_APP
    public class YOUR_CLASS
        public ActionResult ClientDetails(int clientID)
            string username = "WHMCS_USERNAME";
            string password = "WHMCS_PASSWORD";
            string accessKey = "WHNMCS_ACCESS_KEY";
            string whmcsUrl = "WHMCS_USERFRONTEND_URL"; //ex:
            API api = new API(username, password, accessKey, whmcsUrl);
            ViewBag.UserDetails = api.GetClientsDetails(clientID, Stats: true); //The model passed is of type GetClientsDetails
            return View();

You can still use this library to call non implemented
Read more at the project Wiki [Advanced Usage] Unsuported Actions

You can also create custom functions of already implemented functions.
Read more at the project Wiki [Advanced Usage] Supported Actions