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Personalized configuration of zsh.

It has nothing really special about it. It was created as a personal repository to have everything ready to use for whenever we format our PCs. However, we figured it could be useful for more people because why the hell not.

Enjoy it!


The file .zshrc contains a small script that runs through the folder .zshrc.d in search of *.zsh files and runs them.

Each *.zsh file contains scripts for specific purposes.

Installing without cloning

To install the scripts without cloning just enter the following command into the ZShell

zsh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

More information available on the wiki or check the releases page

How to use

  1. Add the last bit of the .zshrc to your own resource file (using any text editor of your choice, like nano, vi or even vscode):
    nano ~/.zshrc
  2. Create the folder zshrc.d with the command:
    mkdir ~/.zshrc.d
  3. Copy the *.zsh files you find useful to this folder.
  4. Reload the configurations of the shell using:
    source ~/.zshrc

    If you already have the zsh.zsh file and it was previously loaded, you can use the command

    zshrc -r



Anyone can contribute and/or fork from this repository.

We invite you to contribute directly to this repository, though, in order to mantain it as a centralized repo with plenty of options for everyone.

Create new *.zsh files to add to the .zshrc.d folder.